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Holy Cross Ballroom Dance

The Ballroom Dance Club and Team are one and the same at Holy Cross. Members have the opportunity to participate in social and performance events, compete in regular intercollegiate competitions, or simply attend weekly lessons and practices.

Holy Cross Ballroom  meets regularly for lessons on American Dances with our coaches on Mondays and weekly student review and practice on Thursdays. (More information on Lessons and Practice) They stage frequent community events including dances, movies, parties, outings to Boston and Connecticut, and mixers with other ballroom organizations. (More information on Events) They also host and participate in a number of charity events, including our very own Dancing with the Stars, as well as performing at art fairs, school events, assisted living communities and other local businesses. 

In addition to our dance lessons, there is a competitive team that any interested member may join. Because we only offer American Lessons, we can only guarantee that Holy Cross will be competing American Styles, however, sometimes opportunities to compete International Styles are available. (More information on Dance Sport and Competitive Dance) It is strongly encouraged that members try the dance competition as they are an excellent way to quickly gain experience and confidence on the dance floor. The Holy Cross Ballroom Dance Team travels to several different local area competitions each year that are hosted by other schools. Some of the schools we compete at include Brown, MIT, Yale, Tufts, UConn, RPI, WPI, UMass, RIC, Harvard, and of course Holy Cross! (More information on the Holy Cross Competiton)